Three Ms in Dartmoor

Date: 9th-11th October 2020
Destination: Dartmoor
Travel Time from London: 5 hours
Weather: A little of everything
People on Board: Marga,
Mona and Monica

With the Wales ban announced our October trip relocated from Snowdonia to Dartmoor and boiled down to the three of us. We were quite synced about a layback approach to our adventure, with little mileage or peak ambitions, plotting the route on the drive, and taking broccoli and mushrooms on our night hike to enjoy a luxury late night dinner at the first camp.

Our wilderness feeling was a bit dampened when we woke up the next morning just a few hundred meters from an actual house. But a couple of hours later we did feel wild, crossing streams and hiking up Big Trowlesworthy (which turned out to be Little Trowlesworthy, but hey).

The rest of the day we spent in bog land passing Shell Top and Langcombe Hill, which put both our footwork and navigational skills to test and yes, there was room for improvement. We ended up pitching our tents on a patch of green surrounded by bog. Soaked, cold and absolutely goddam bog-tired.

The next morning saw us basically running through the bog so desperate were we to reach that recreational footpath without no bwater filled holes or wobbly tofts of grass. Such a sweet feeling and the last 5 miles back to the van parked in Cadover Bridge felt like nothing. The camaraderie on this trip was ace, like the tree musketeers we stuck together. Monica put this fab video together, check it out!

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