Registration and Club Rules


‘Black Lizard’ Club Rules

Club members can book on to club meets by telling members of the Committee.

Club members are responsible for their own safety and equipment, they are required to ensure that their equipment is safe to use; you are also required to be mindful of those around them and their safety. The Club accepts no responsibility for loss of personal equipment or injury.

Members must not misuse Club equipment, and must report all damage to an officer of the Club immediately.

Members and their guests are expected to act in a responsible manner where ever and whenever involved in Club activities.

Members may not publish any media appertaining to the Club, without the committees’ permission.

Members using their own equipment must ensure that it is in a safe condition, and must cease to use it when requested to do so for safety reasons by an officer of the Club.

Members must not use bad practice, and must cease to do so when requested to for safety reasons by an officer of the Club.

Under 18's must be supervised, and belayed, by their parent or legal guardian, who should be aware of, and accept, the risks inherent in climbing and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

For younger children with small waists and little hip definition, a full body harness is mandatory. The club do not provide full body harnesses.
Even as a member of the club, an Officer of the club may refuse the right to climb to anyone who they consider is not sufficiently competent or a danger to others.

Club members must pay their annual club fees as stated in the clubs constitution. They can choose to pay their fee from the date of their registration or within a three month’s trial period.