Huge surprise from Alpkit!!

As all our members already know, we are planning to launch the “Black Lizard Gear Bank” – a platform as part of our website where members can borrow stuff: Carabiners, quick draws, slings, ropes, belay devices, crampons, ice axes, maps, books – all that stuff that you might not own yet, but need it for your first adventures on your own.

Now Alpkit has boosted our project with a £250 voucher and the order is on its way. We are super excited – as soon as it arrives we’ll post some pics!

To keep things as safe as possible, we’ll meticulously keep book about the usage, especially of the “software”, as wear and tear and especially falls will impact on the material. But of course as with all used stuff, a risk remains, and borrowers will need to be aware.

Members can also put up their own gear up there for hire, because – let’s be honest – we’re not using those crampons all year round, or the map we bought for Scotland some years back.

With the Gear Bank we can give more people the opportunity to go and do things, and that’s what we are as a club really all about, so let’s get this bird off the ground, it should be on air by March!

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