First Trip of the year!

Date: 19.03.22
Destination: Portland

Type of Rock: Limestone
Travel Time from London: 4 hours
Weather: Sunny but so cccccoooooollllld!
People on Board: Aisha, Lili, Maria, Marisa, Matt, Mona, Siddrah

First trip of the year! We headed down to Portland, the Neddyfields and it was the first outdoor experience for some of us so the excitement levels where high, despite the strong chilly winds that made us shout all day and blew our stuff around.

Climber of the day: Maria, who had been so nervous about it all, wondering if she would get up any of the routes. But she did. Each and any one of them. Enjoying every single moment on the wall. That’s what were there for, right?!

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