Portland Weekend

Date: 17th to 19th September 2021
Destination: Portland
Type of Rock: Limestone
Travel Time from London: 4 hours
Weather: Sunny
People on Board: Alex M., Leo, Matt, Mona, Sarah, Sara, Simon

Initially we had planned to go to Gower but the weather forecast made us think twice and so nit was Portland again.

Camped at the Hallet’s Rural Campsite which is pretty basic but does the job and has the benefit of being in walking distance to the climbing.

Saturday we spent on Battleship, The Block  and Right, with the most memorable climbing probably being ‘A Dream of White Porsches’ (5).

Sunday we headed to ‘The Cuttings’ although it had mixed reviews amongst those of us who’d been there before and yes, pretty much all climbs 6a and below are annoyingly polished. Only Matt and Sara had some great climbing up the harder routes like ‘;Mousefolk’ (6c) and ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ (6b) and watching them from the top of ‘The Bower’ was a proper treat.

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