Southern Sandstone – Bowles Rocks – 14th July

Eleven Lizards returned to one of the finer venues in the Southeast and one of our regular haunts – Bowles Rocks. Bad weather threatened but failed to materialise, leaving us with a dry and pleasingly empty crag.

Fact of the day: this was the first club outing with more women than men!

Big adventure of the day: Sapper (5b). A pleasing weave up a wide slab gave us a sense of security before we were forced to execute a bizarre wriggle up a narrow hole to finish. The hole spat out everyone that tried it until Alex managed to get himself through and top out.

Troopers of the day: Monica and Will, who were still going strong after spending the previous day bouldering at Stone Farm. It was great to welcome new members Rebecca, Victoria, Sarah and Tom for their first sandstone experience, and lovely to see Alex, Mona, Monica, Will, Aisha, Georgi and Lyubo again.

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