Soaking the sun on Portland’s West coast

Date: Sunday, 19th January 2020
Destination: Blacknor South, Portland
Type of Rock: Limestone, mostly solid, all routes bolted
Travel Time from London: 3-4 hours by car
Weather: 10°C, sunny
People on Board:  Alex, Jan, Mona, Monica and Rebecca

Mid January, we took a quick trip down to Portland. With an early morning set off that felt very brisk and january-esque we prepared for frozen fingers and a cold day. Portland had other ideas, on the sunny side of the face we were in t-shirts and instead of worrying about frozen fingers, became more concerned about sunburnt noses.

It was a great day of top roping and leading. Monica had a go at leading 'Best Destiny' (4c), which turned out quite tricky as the slabby arete  half way up can be a bit of a fear mongerer. Jan sent 'Go With The Flow' (6a+), an also really worthwhile versatile route with an interesting approach.

We found that some short routes like 'Sunny Delight' right at the beginning, in the remainings of the quarry are perfect for outdoor newbies and lead beginners.

Was great to meet our new member Jan!

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