First Workshop at the Crag after Corona

Date: 04.07.2020

Destination: Harrison’s Rocks

Course: Anchor Making Workshop

Travel Time from London: 1,5 hrs

Instructor: Alex

Participants: Aisha, Monica, Hari and Chris

The closure of all climbing walls has caused an unprecedented rise in numbers of climbers at the sandstone crags and sadly also to quite some damage on the rocks, so we thought it would be useful to offer some anchor making workshops to give people the needed skills to not only make safe anchors but also do it in a way that doenst harm the rocks and follow the rest of the guidlines set out for this spaces.

This was the first of a series of workshops, lead by Alex. The participants were happy with what they learned and some have since become regular climbers on the crag, obviuoulsy doing it all the right way!


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