Pretty Chilly Sport Climbing Trip to Portland

Date: Sunday, 10th November 2019
Destination: Cheyne Weares Area, Portland
Type of Rock: Limestone, mostly solid, all routes bolted
Travel Time from London: 3-4 hours by car
Weather: 5-8°C, sunny
People on Board:  Aisha, Alex, Inka, David, Mona and Philip


“Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is essential for developing resilience, a “Fuck It” attitude and for finding out what you are really made of.” – This quote from The Nourishment Ninja pretty much sums up everything about our recent Portland Trip.

Although the sun was out, the rocks were freezing cold. But that didn’t stop Aisha and David to lead their very first outdoor sport climb on ‘Bundle of Joy’ in Neddyfields. Alex had a go ‘The Wilsonator’ but his freezing fingers didn’t let him finish.

Following the sun we scrambled Eastwards and ended up in the Road Rage Area ticking off ‘Cruise Control’. And that was it. The sun had vanished, the tide came up, and the cold had worked its way into the core of our bones.

It seems absolute madness to travel 300 miles for two or three climbs, but sometimes it is just that one climb, that really made you challenge yourself, that is worth all the journey. Because it’s more than just a climb.

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