U18’s Portland Trip

Date: 29.08.2021
Destination: portland Neddyfields
Type of Rock: Limestone
Travel Time from London: 4 hours
Weather: Sun, sun, sun
People on Board: Finlay, Rosie, Jonny, Aisha, Duncan, Mona

You can’t blame our U18’s for lack of committment: A trip to Portland means waking up early and spending a looong time squeezed into a car, but the climbing and the scenery both make it so worthwhile!

We headed to Neddifields with easy access and plenty of climbs to choose, as it was Finlays first outdoor climb, but you wouldn’t know: He scaled the rocks like a seasoned climber and took up all challenges we set for him. Rosie, on her second visit to Portland, climbed hard and didnt shy away from the challenges.

Huge thanks to Aisha and Duncan for helping to set up and clean the ropes for the youngsters!

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