Trad Climbing in Peak District

Date: 14.08.20-17.08.20
Destination: The Roaches
Type of Rock: Grit
Travel Time from London: 3.5 hrs
Weather: We had it all
People on Board: Alex S, Alex Z, Duncan, Martti, Mona, Monica and Simon

Well, all Black Lizard trips are pretty unique and unforgettable but this one was really filled to the brim with stories we won’t forget anytime soon.
Monica, Martti and Alex Z had an introduction to Trad climbing under the watchful eye of Alex, while Simon and Mona, climbed everything within their abilities and sometimes beyond, and Duncan was there for the visuals but couldnt resist a climb here and there.

To summarise:
The Sloth is an impressive climb
Don’t forget the nut key if your seconding (and maybe take a torch with you as well)
Having a UTI while climbing in the Roaches makes you discover places…
You can climb in trainers and with a broken arm (if you’re called Duncan)
Drones wind people up
Sort your rack (before you climb)
Midges are mean

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