Stanage Weekend

Date: 12th and 13th June 2021
Destination: Stanage
Type of Rock: Gritstone
Travel Time from London: 4 hours
Weather: Sunny but winnnndy
People on Board: Alex, Mona, Ollie, Simon, Steph

We had a fab time up in Stanage with a little crew of new to trad climbers and not so new ones. Check out the pics! Lessons learned (copied from Simon):

1. Click-Ups are annoying and useless for Trad
2. Petzl Adjust make personal protection so much easier
3. You can make a single pitch 3 pitches simply by being pathetic climber
4. Climbing quiz perfect* campsite fireside banter (*include red wine)
5. Climbing with Black Lizards is always fun
6. Always put right climbing destination into Satnav to avoid going in wrong direction for an hour
7. Don’t climb in shorts!

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