Social Trip to Harrison’s Rocks

Date: 13.09.2020
Destination: Harrison’s Rocks
Type of Rock: Sandstone
Travel Time from London: 1.5 hours
Weather: Sunny
People on Board: Duncan, Jigy, Mona and Phillip

Did we catch the last proper summer day on Southern Sandstone?! It was hot ut we managed to stay in the shade throughout ticking off some beautiful routes mostly around The Cave, Spider Wall and Grants Wall. Jigy, new to the crew, made her debut on the rocks and considering she only went bouldering twice before she absolutely smashed it!

One of us had some underlying health issues so we all wore masks on the way down and back, and when we were close to each ither om the crag. Something we are supposed to be doing anyway looking at they way things go.

Toppics of the day: Elon Musk, his Neuralink ambitions and the ethical dilemma they cause, the point or pointlessness of acting, and how watching horrorfilms can negate anxiety.

What else do we want?

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