Peak District Trip – 4th to 8th April 19

2 Bulgarians, 1 Iranian, 1 German and a couple of Brits, some were absolute climbing beginners, others came with years of experience. That’s what we like Black lizard Trips to be: a diverse bunch of people having a great time outdoors, whilst getting to know each other and of course doing some climbing! We were joined by some lovely folks from the University of Cumbria studying Travel and Adventure Media, who had chosen to produce a feature about our club for their film project. It was great to have you around, and we so look forward to seeing the end product!

Things did look rather dim when we arrived: Rain poured down and it was damn cold, so we just went for a quick hike and then all squeezed into the van to bury them serious weather sorrows in wine…

It worked and the rain left and never came back! The first two days we spent in the Roaches, where Alex shared his knowledge about trad climbing, and everyone could have a go at abseiling, top roping and of course trad! Sunday we visited the Windgather Rocks , which are rather short compared to the Roaches but also had some nice routes to climb, and Monday it was back to the Roaches again.


Georgi getting stuck on a stuck rope and having to use his practice runners to escape.

Jason climbing his first ever rock, an easy route which turned out to be rather unpleasantly narrow, moist and slippery, but he mastered it anyway.

Getting sworn at by an old man jumping out of his caravan half naked for disturbing his sleep at 8:30PM. Makes you feel young again.

Simon losing his trad virginity AND doing his first ever solo!

That sleeping bag creating puddles in the dry room. That’s what you get when you trust your festival tent.

Alex M and his deadpan humour and swearing. Truly.

Inka getting up an impressive overhang, but Georgi not, which turned him into a whining heap of unhappiness.

The Gradbach Scout Camp! Such nice folks, we had a beautiful spot down a stream and an open fire every night of our stay! But why are the women’s showers colder than the men’s?

What else? Add on to this list with your comments!

Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Got a lift up to do some hiking in the peaks with black lizard that were on route, however fancied doing some climbing on the third day and Mona was there to Help teach me all the basics. I felt I was in good hands.

    Great memories, keep it up!

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