Harrison’s Rocks on Sunday 19th May

We were so many this weekend, Alex had to get his car out, and that despite the rather mixed weather forecast. And it did look dull for a start but somehow miraculously changed to some kind of skin burning super sun. But hey, we shouldn’t complain… The climbs were fab, and the people as well!

Lots of new faces, and for some it was the first rock climb ever, so yeah it was all exciting.

And we met Frank and his tie-a-rope-around-the-waist-and-belay-with-one-hand-on-the rope-folks and watched him open mouthed soloing up some 6s in something that looked more like plim soles than climbing shoes. He’s a true champ.

Hope to see you all soon again!

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  1. My friend Mike Thompson and I (Nick Baker) climbed here in 1962 and we have the fondest memories. We climbed Moonlight Arrette and had lunch on the Luncheon Shelf. We had travelled down from London by train (we were students at Sir John Cass College in Aldgate) . Lovely to see the pictures of you all on the rocks having a good time. What a lovely place?

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