Neddyfields in Portland

Date: 24.07.2021
Destination: Neddyfields in Portland
Type of Rock: Limestone
Travel Time from London: 4 hours
Weather: Beautiful and hot!
People on Board: Aisha, Nino, Mona, Roosbeh

We grassed at the North end of Neddyfields, and climbed Ocean Boulevard 4c, Outside Left Arete 4b, Crush with Eyeliner 5b, Bundle of Joy 4a and Wilsonator 6b (with a bit of help from the clip stick). 🙌 @gettingfromatoz
for leading all climbs so the others could top rope!

Take aways from the day:

Neddyfields is the perfect playground for a mixed abilities group: easy access and a wide range of climbing grades

There is a time and a place for the clip stick😏

A day trip to Portland means for Londoners, that you’ll spend as much time (or more) in the car as you are on the rocks. A willing DJ, who also takes wishes from the audience makes time pass quickly, thanks Nino!

3 people from 3 different countries around the world had each a different fav songs from Mohsen Namjoo if you don’t know him yet, go check him out!

If you want to treat yourself on the way back, stop at a M&S that usually comes together with a BP petrol station, their selection on snacks and drinks is 🤩.

Trying hard is all you need to do when you want to get into rock climbing, huge welcome to our new member Roozbeh!

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